Why Give: Recognition

You like the recognition that comes from being a philanthropist. You have seen others who this has benefited and would like to be recognized in such a manner. No Video

Why Give: Impact

You typically focus on a specific problem beyond your immediate environment. Your giving is tied to solving that problem and making a difference with your philanthropy. Ensuring Impactful Philanthropy – Tonye Cole   Philanthropists Uplifting Societies – C.D Glin

Why Give: Experience

You have overcome certain challenges through the generosity of others or had a negative experience you want to prevent others from having. You see philanthropy as an opportunity to correct these situations. Why Give: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Ex Professional NBA Player   Why Give: Amadou Gallo Fall, NBA Vice President, MD for Africa NBA

Why Give: Religion

You believe your faith and religious-based institutions hold the key to transforming lives and focus your giving on faith-promoting activities and programmes. Why Give: Folorunsho Alakija, Founder, Rose of Sharon Foundation

Why Give: Legacy

You think a lot about what you or your family will be remembered for doing. You want your family name to be synonymous with a specific solution and the impact you would have made through your giving. Why Give: Nyokabi Kenyatta, Director, The Kenyatta Trust