In Sub Saharan Africa, 22 million people live with HIV/AIDS, one child in five dies from malaria, one woman in sixteen dies during pregnancy or childbirth, and there are 750 thousand new cases of tuberculosis every year. 

Health is an area of intense focus for philanthropy, fuelled by a sense of urgency about the need to reverse long-standing destructive trends. It is an area in which health philanthropy has shown consistent leadership in support of innovative work.

Several philanthropists, charitable organizations, public and private foundations engage in supporting patients and their families psychologically or morally, advocating for health rights, fund research and healthcare infrastructure or support innovative initiatives at the local level. Philanthropic organizations and individuals contribute significantly to the healthcare system.

Aid for Africa (Sub-Saharan Africa) is a healthcare hub for charity organizations that work in the health and medical service sector in Africa. Aid for Africa members are working to reduce HIV rates, protect mothers and children, provide medical supplies, and much more.

Strengthening Health Systems

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