Improving Philanthropy

Many of the last decade’s innovations have come as a result of bringing multiple stakeholders together. The topic of Innovative financing for development is vast in scope. 

Combining concessional finance from donors or third parties alongside MDBs’ normal account finance and/or commercial finance from other investors, to develop private sector markets, address the SDGs, and mobilize private resources.


There are a wide variety of options for how to give and the choice the philanthropist makes will be guided by her values, experience and circumstances. 

Individual and collective work in the formal and informal sectors are the basis for human well-being and development of the world. 

Innovation is a magic word not only in technology and business, but also in philanthropy. Innovation means to combine creative ideas with the capacity to put them into practice and have an impact. 

Grants are often approved with conditions. These can be conditions relating to the timing of the funding, the ability of the organisation to raise matched funding or any other conditions precedent that are required before funding is released.