Why Give

The word philanthropy, Greek in origin, simply means the love of humankind. Philanthropy is the gift to, or investment in, a cause with an intent and motivation to do good in the world. It is a social or impactful investment. Individuals, organizations and foundations give for various reasons.


You think a lot about what you or your family will be remembered for doing. You want your family name to be synonymous with a specific solution and the impact you would have made through your giving.


You believe your faith and religious-based institutions hold the key to transforming lives and focus your giving on faith-promoting activities and programmes.


You have overcome certain challenges through the generosity of others or had a negative experience you want to prevent others from having. You see philanthropy as an opportunity to correct these situations.



A critical question to consider is who defines the real problem? Should one’s giving be based on an area that a philanthropist is passionate about?