The Power of Collaboration

This motivation to collaborate stems from the belief that philanthropy is not just for the wealthy, and that it provides a way to feel connected to and learn from others whose life circumstances may be quite different than their own. Some come together in peer learning networks around a particular cause; others combine their money […]

Relationship Between Donor and Donee

A community-based organisation or a non-profit organisation is more likely to be closer to the communities, its development issues and have a deeper understanding about the types of interventions that are required. The ultimate beneficiaries of the grant, or the community directly affected, have assets, knowledge and resources that can be identified and mobilized. They […]

Types of Philanthropy

There are many different ways to be a philanthropist and the style or approach to philanthropy is a very individual one. In recent years, the study and practice of philanthropy has grown rapidly and there is now a great deal of literature, and supporting professionals, which deal with various options. Here are just a few […]