How to Determine Your Annual Budget

This involves numerous considerations. Ultimately the philanthropists’ budget depends on the amount available and what the philanthropist thinks is an appropriate amount to give, and the answer to both these questions is driven by her values. Once these broad parameters are set, more specific considerations come into play. Some donors set budgets, some don’t. Most […]

How to Balance Your Investment and Philanthropic Goals

Over and above the setting up of an endowment, as you consider aligning your investment and philanthropic objectives you will need to balance all components of your asset management strategy to ensure that you achieve the ultimate objectives of: Preserving your capital Generating income (to meet your philanthropic commitments) Ensuring liquidity at the right time […]

Creating an Endowment

An endowment is seen as a powerful way to ensure long-term survival and sustainability of a non for profit organization ensuring a continuous, guaranteed source of income. An endowment is essentially a separate investment fund where only a portion of the earnings or interest from the invested capital is used to fund the non for […]

How Your Assets and Philanthropy Can Work in Conjunction

Simply put, mission investments are investments made by philanthropists and their foundations that are not just about the financial return, but take into consideration the societal or environmental impact of that return and in some instances, achieve a direct tangible social impact. These investments seek to add value to and support the philanthropic aims of […]

When and How Should You Give?

When do I know that I have enough to start giving? How, and how much should I give? A well-thought out and considered strategy that will help ensure you are giving in a structured manner in a way that achieves the greatest impact and aligns with your values and capacity. When considering the best structure […]