AACE Foods is feeding 50,000 vulnerable families in Nigeria with its fortified Soya Maize cereal; a high energy and nutritious meal.

So far we have donated our nutritious food products to the governments of Lagos and Ogun states, Food Clique Support Initiative, Lagos Food Bank, Ark Foundation, God Bless Nigeria Foundation and a range of other credible food drives.

We would like to expand this effort by providing our nutritious cereals to 50,000 families. Feeding a family of four will cost N420; and reaching out to 50,000 families will cost NGN21,000,000.
We implore all friends, family, and partners to help us achieve this goal by making donations.

Please send an email to adekunle@aacefoods.com so we can acknowledge your contribution.
Kindly send your donation to:
Account Name: AACE Foods Bank: GTB Account Number: 0006606625
For more details you can call: 09081699892 or 09086366587

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